Chapter 1 A Different World

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The Cover Page for Chapter 1! I chose to do cover pages for these because it also gives me a bit more time to flesh out my script. Unlike Yosh!, AI is a lot more structured and focused with almost all the details already planned out in advance. While Yosh! tends to have goals established,… Continue reading Chapter 1 A Different World

A Different World – 10

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Dangerous to divulge? Oh yeah, admitting to being part of a group of people that mysteriously vanished with most of the worlds wealth MIGHT be seen as a reason to target such a person. There are plenty of reasons divulging that could be a terrible idea, so lets hope this is a tight lipped couple.

A Different World – 11

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That’s a hand full of “Destroy one local economy”. If people are mostly using copper and silver at 100 copper to a silver and 100 silver to a gold- a single gold piece would be used to purchase large quantities of items or for payment on things like entire buildings. Also Kaylin’s joke, she can’t… Continue reading A Different World – 11