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This is mostly a temporary image but I do want to use it to highlight something. Most of you who are familiar with my work know I like working with color. This comic IS going to be in color- mostly! There is a reason for parts of it being in grey scale, but the vast… Continue reading Prologue

Prologue 1

Prologue 1 published on 12 Comments on Prologue 1

Getting things started! If you’re curious about where this comic is going there is an About page to explain the Genre. As for the Update schedule it should be every Wednesday. The black and white is a design choice that will make more sense eventually! Hope you all enjoy as we get this going!

Prologue 8

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I originally had 2 other comics planned before this one but after some review- They contributed nothing to the story and only served to slow down the comic from getting to where I want it to be! In the end, nothing else happened with the crazy lady, the cops arrived and- did their job! Hooray!… Continue reading Prologue 8